How Could I Learn? Songbook
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In 2010, Texas songwriter Fletcher Clark produced and released on Armadillo Records a collection of twelve of his songs by twelve different artists. A big song swap, he branded it TAKING TURNS. In 2015 he created Flécha3 Music to record and release the CD Open Up the Doors, twelve songs taken from his musical ministry and his Personal Hymnal. In 2017, he released the CD SONGS OF SUSANNA, a collection of twelve original songs based on Texas history, centered around his epic ballad about Messenger of the Alamo Susanna Dickinson, There Must Be a Good Man in Texas. In 2018, Fletcher released MY TURN (singing his own songs while building on the brand and recycling the artwork of gifted pal Guy Juke!)Then Now in 2019, Fletcher released Caldwell County Jail, songs inspired by his home state of Texas, his home county of Caldwell, and his hometown of Lockhart.

How Could I Learn? is a collection of songs about relationships. Most were written some time ago about relationships past. Some seemingly bitter, it is fitting they remain only in the past: "I will neither regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it." Regret is not to be confused with remorse. Eschewing both regret and denial, I have come to believe that acceptance is the way - no matter how grudgingly!

  1. Pretending Not to Know Denial is refusing to listen that inner voice which would speak to me truthfully, if only I were to listen. It is a close neighbor to delusion.
  2. How Could I Learn? Realizing that finding one's self in the eyes of another is another delusion, another denial of inner knowing.
  3. Hello, Muse My idea of authorship has changed, no longer so egocentric. When the Muse drops by with an idea, I use my skills to wordsmith and tunesmith it into a song. But then there's the waiting...
  4. How Could I See Without You? Happened just this way, playing in a bistro in Lockhart, when I had arrived at a time in my life when I was sure I had taken the cure from romance. And then all the lights in the room dimmed except the one shone on her.
  5. The Blush on My Rose Directly from my experience, as a beloved ex- was named Rose. Melancholy, whimsy, and acceptance all bound up with one another.
  6. Unconditional Love My favorite of all the love ballads I have written, I like the simple melody and flow of the song.
  7. When I Looked Into Her Eyes Just when I thought I was healing from a lost love, there she was, and all my crafted external serenity melted away.
  8. Dance in a Dream Sometimes my imagination takes a stroll through a misty reverie.
  9. The Day That I Stopped Touching You Love withers when it is not nurtured, like the untended plants in a garden, and not to be taken for granted.
  10. Broken Toys, Broken Dreams Exploring the inner child is easier for me when I am willing to go back to the old "Why, Daddy, why?"
  11. Reggae Moon I have felt anguish and fear from the loss of a love who has left me. Every songwriter understands the catharsis of expressing the feelings of rejection and loss...
  12. Maynard’s Song My departed friend Maynard was celebrating his 77th birthday with his (much younger) wife of 25 years, and I wrote this song for him, and for them.

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