1. Songs of Susanna Chapter 1
  2. Battle of Gonzales
  3. Immortal Thirty-Two
  4. Burn Gonzales
  5. Runaway Scrape
  6. Brother, Dear Brother
  7. San Jacinto ~ Narrative
  8. Songs of Susanna Chapter 2
  9. Texas Rangers
  10. Songs of Susanna Chapter 3
  11. Ride My Billy Horse
  12. Songs of Susanna Chapter 4

This collection focuses on Texas history, written and performed by acclaimed Texas songwriter Fletcher Clark. Songs of Susanna began with the epic ballad, There Must Be a Good Man in Texas – a panoramic tale in four chapters of the colorful life of the Messenger of the Alamo. The ballad was first composed for the 2014 celebration of her 200th birthday by the Susanna Dickinson Museum in Austin. Battle of Gonzales and Immortal Thirty-Two were commissioned and presented for dedication ceremonies of their respective monuments. Burn Gonzales, Runaway Scrape, Brother, Dear Brother, and San Jacinto depict aspects of the struggle of Texians throughout the Texas war of independence from Mexico. Texas Rangers was commissioned and presented for a Texas Ranger Memorial Cross Ceremony at the Stockdale Cemetery. Ride My Billy Horse was commissioned and presented for the dedication of an Official Texas Historical Marker in Belmont, Texas.

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Fletcher Clark has combined his love of history with his amazing talent as a Texas singer/songwriter to produce SONGS OF SUSANNA, a CD collection of ballads and songs highlighting events in the colorful history of the Republic of Texas. His attention to historical detail and wonderful lyrics and melodies have created a unique and wonderful way to teach the history of the Lone State State as well as delightfully entertain his listeners.
Donaly E. Brice, Author/Historian
Senior Reference Archivist Emeritus
Texas State Archives

This is a thoughtful and well-produced collection of songs that tell the little-known but epic tale of Susanna Dickinson. Too often women are not included in the telling of Texas history. This excellent CD helps correct that, relating the remarkable life of this courageous and resourceful pioneer who witnessed many of the monumental events that shaped early Texas depicted in these songs.
Dr. Gary Hartman, Director
Center for Texas Music History
Texas State University

I can think of no better person to create a musical tribute to the legendary Susanna Dickenson than another notable Texan such as Fletcher Clark. What a perfect fit.
Jaston Williams, Actor/Playwright

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