Fletcher Clark's Songbook

Here are leadsheets of his diverse catalogue,
for those wishing to perform and enjoy them.

Back to Caldwell County
Barbecue, Texas Style
Blush on My Rose
Broken Toys, Broken Dreams
Caldwell County Jail
Chica Can You Come Out to Play
Choirboy's Lament
Cup of Hope for a Fool
Darlin' Don't Wait Up for Me Tonight
Day That I Stopped Touching You
Distracted Driving Drives Me Crazy
Don't Be Nowhere
Down in the Dumps
Dreamin' About You
Dried-Up Bull
Every Day I Spend with You Is New
Fixin' to Get Ready
Get My Soul
Ghosts of Love
Golden Pathway
Gonna Find Somebody
Hello Mom
Hello Muse
How Could I Learn
How Could I See Without You
How Long Have You Waited
I Can't Recall
I Looked into Her Eyes
I Wanna Be Your Slut
I Want to Walk with You
It's Christmas Time Somewhere
Jubilee Jake
Life's an Adventure with You
Lord, Please Send Me Someone
Lord, We Would Have Heard You
Marinera Luna
Mark There on Her Finger
Mary Kay's Waltz
May I Sing My Way Home
Mellow Times
No Fault, No Blame, No Shame
Old Times Ain't No More
Pork Fat Rules!
Pretending Not to Know
Quiet Time
R & R
Reggae Moon
Sleepy Parade
Surfing on the Wave of Tomorrow
Tea Party
Trashy, Trashy Woman
Trust Fund Baby
Unconditional Love
Until You Walked Out on Me
Watch Out for the Boogey Man
We Sure Had 'Em Fooled
Where Were You
Why Didn't She Tell Me
Why Wouldn't I
Your Only Sin

2015, Fletcher Clark
All Rights Reserved.
rev. 8/24/15