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Flécha3 Music is the independent recording label and publishing company for Fletcher Clark
(aka A. Fletcher Clark III).
His songs and publishing are with ASCAP.

Fletcher's first independent release was his 2010 CD TAKING TURNS, on the old Armadillo Records label he had revived with founder Hank Alrich. Deciding to establish his own brand before proceeding with further recordings and publishing, in 2015 Fletcher created Flécha3 Music.

The first product was the 2015 CD of his faith-based songs growing out of his musical ministry, Open Up the Doors. This music and other hymns/songs are available in the published Personal Hymnal through the online Flécha3 Music Shopping Cart.

In 2014, Fletcher had been commissioned to write a song for the annual meeting of the Friends of the Susanna Dickinson Hannig Museum in Austin, celebrating the 200th birthday of this Texas heroine (Messenger of the Alamo). Building on the experience of working for many years with great Texas writers Steven Fromholz, Bobby Bridger and Craig Toungate, Fletcher penned a four-chapter epic ballad, There Must Be a Good Man in Texas which was complemented by the lecture of his learned colleague, historian and author Donaly Brice. Together they began makeing presentations of their Texana Tales, from which Fletcher wrote and recorded SONGS OF SUSANNA, released in 2017.

The 2018 release MY TURN is the first of several collections already in production and scheduled for release over the coming months and years. The first of these in 2019 is Caldwell County Jail.

The first release of 2020 is How Could I Learn, a collection of songs of love and romance.

Aside from these various active paths where his music has taken him (into churches, libraries, schools, museums, conference centers, theatres, etc.), Fletcher continues to write and record prolifically, peforming in select festivals and listening venues.

His products are available through Antone's Records in Austin and, respectively for fulfillment of online CD purchases and for download purchases.

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